Object Oriented Programming in C++

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5 days

Course Overview

Training freshers on the fundamentals of languages, software engineering and algorithms

Course Prerequisites

An understanding of programming logic and techniques



  • What is object-oriented programming?
  • Why do we need this?
  • Programming characteristics of object-oriented languages C and C++

C++ Programming basics:

  • Source code
  • Compilation
  • Output as executable
  • Directives
  • Input with Data types, variables
  • Type conversions
  • Program structure and flow of program
  • Control statements – if and loops in c++


  • Need and requirement
  • Def functions
  • Pre-defined functions vs user defined functions
  • Header file
  • Returning values from functions
  • Reference arguments
  • Overloaded function
  • Inline function
  • Default arguments

Object and Classes:

  • Structures vs objects
  • Making sense of core object concepts (Encapsulation, Abstraction, Polymorphism, Classes)
  • Implementation of class in C++
  • C++ Objects as data types
  • Constructors for initialization
  • Object as function arguments
  • The default copy constructor
  • Returning an object from function
  • Structures and classes
  • Classes, objects and memory static class data
  • Constant and classes
  • Arrays and string arrays fundamentals
  • Arrays
  • Need and comparison with single variable

Operator overloading:

  • Overloading unary operations
  • Overloading binary operators
  • data conversion
  • hands-on


  • Concept of inheritance
  • Derived class and based class
  • Derived class constructors
  • member function
  • inheritance
  • class hierarchies
  • inheritance and graphics shapes
  • public and private inheritance
  • inheritance and program development


  • Addresses and pointers
  • pointer and arrays
  • Pointer and Faction pointer

Memory management :

  • New and Delete
  • pointers to objects
  • debugging pointers

Virtual Function:

  • Virtual Function
  • friend function
  • Static function
  • Assignment and copy initialization
  • this pointer

Streams and Files:

  • Streams classes
  • Disk File I/O with streams
  • file pointers
  • command line arguments
  • Single verses multi-file source code

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