Docker Primer for Administrators

1 day

This practical one day primer on Docker provides a hands on introduction to Docker and its ecosystem. You will learn how to set up, manage and use Docker.

This course is geared towards administrators

Please find the course objectives below:


  • Introduction to Docker
  • Discuss benefits of using Docker
  • Introduce Docker's architecture
  • Understand Docker images and containers
  • Discuss role of various docker containers (microservices architecture, databases, etc)

Core Docker

  • Creating docker images
  • Dockerfile syntax overview
  • Using public (e.g, Docker Hub) and private repositories
  • Understand Docker networking
  • Understand Docker volumes
  • Linking containers together using links

Brief overview of Orchestration

  • Discuss various other tools Docker-Compose,
  • Discuss rational and basics of kubernetes, openshift and swarm
  • Discuss Alternatives to docker

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