Introduction to Docker

Part of our "Kubernetes & MSA" courses

1 day

Course Overview

This exciting and practical one-day introductory course has been designed to address the needs of people keen to use Docker. The course concentrates on giving both newcomers - and those who want to brush-up their Docker knowledge - a hands-on introduction to Docker and its ecosystem. Participants will spend the day discovering the benefits that it offers both sysadmins and developers who will also learn to set up, manage and use Docker.

Course Prerequisites

Ideally those booking this course will be developers with an interest in furthering their skills using Docker.


Throughout the course will cover the following:


  • Introduction to Docker
  • Discuss the benefits of using Docker
  • Introduce Docker's architecture
  • Understand Docker images and containers
  • Discuss application architecture and docker containers (microservice architecture, databases, etc)

Core Docker

  • Creating docker images
  • Dockerfile syntax overview
  • Using public (e.g., Docker Hub) and private repositories
  • Understand Docker networking
  • Understand Docker volumes
  • Linking containers together using links
  • Understand image layering
  • Docker and Security

This exciting course is a great look at Docker that will appeal to developers of varying skill levels. It is suitable for both newcomers and those who want to cover the elements again.

Upcoming Public Events

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