Test-driven Development in Java

Part of our "Java & Spring" courses

3 days

Course Overview

A 3-day comprehensive hands-on class on Automated Testing in Java, including process, best practices and techniques.

Course Prerequisites

Students should have a good understanding of the Java Platform SE and EE.


  • Recognising the value of Automated tests
  • identifying different ways of achieving results
  • Test/Behaviour-Driven Development (TDD/BDD)
  • The theory and practice behind "test-green-refactor"
  • What not to use TDD (when not to test-first)
  • Writing unit tests (TDD)
  • Contrast with writing specifications (BDD)
  • JUnit 4.x (all aspects)
  • The Hamcrest API (bundled with JUnit plus more)
  • Value of Code coverage
  • Test in isolation using Mocking (using Mockito)
  • Protect yourself for mock and stub-to-death
  • Database test using DBUnit (and alternatives)
  • Best practices, pitfalls etc
  • Continuous integration (using Jenkins)
  • Intro :Spring TestContext framework (including integration testing)
  • Intro: In container-Integration Testing using Arquillian and Pax Exam
  • Intro: Acceptance Testing using Selenium
  • Some other discussions: JavaScript BDD with Jasmine/Karma, Using Scala Specs2 for BDD Java development

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