Core Webservices for Java Developers

Part of our "Java & Spring" courses

4 days

Course Overview

The comprehensive Java Web Services course provides the student with everything he/she needs to know in order to build basic to advanced Web Services.

Course Prerequisites

Students should be experienced Java Developers, and should be confident with XML.


  • Introduction to the concept of Services
  • Introduction to Web Services
  • Introduction to W3C XML Schema (XSD)
  • Java Architecture for XML Binding 2.x (JAXB)
  • Brief overview of SOAP
  • Write and use WSDL documents (for top-down/warchitecturel-first)
  • Appreciate the WS-I Basic Profile
  • Java API for XML Web Services 2.x (JAXWS)
  • Use WS-Adressing
  • Overview of WS-Security

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