Using MyBatis 3.x for Java Persistence

1 day

Students should be experienced Developers on the Java Platform. Basic knowledge of SQL and JDBC would be helpful.

Please find the course objectives below:

This highly detailed course guides students through the fundamentals of the Web Profile of the Java EE 7 Platform. The course is also suitable for students on Java EE 6 and will cover the following:

  • Recognise how applications benefit from MyBatis (over for example JPA)
  • Understand the MyBatis philosophy and programming model
  • Understand connections, sessions and transactions
  • SQL Mapping and interfaces
  • Define Result mappings
  • Collection and Association mapping
  • Writing Dynamic SQL (building SQL at runtime)
  • Configuration and tweaking of MyBatis
  • Integrate with Java EE and CDI
  • Define custom Type Handlers
  • Writing SQL in code using the SQL Builder Class
  • Write Multi-Database Vendor Applications
  • Tips and Best-Practice

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