SBT Crash Course

Duration: 1 day

An fast paced, super intense and comprehensive introduction to SBT

Please find the course objectives below:

During the course you will define various different projects and use basic and advanced features of SBT.

The course was recently updated to 0.13.8 and uses the new proposed build definition introduced in 0.13.7


  • SBT philosophy
  • SBT project structure and build definition
  • Performing Common tasks (compile, test, run, etc)
  • Library dependencies and resolvers
  • Understand Scopes, Settings and Tasks
  • Multi-project builds
  • Create Custom tasks
  • Scala, Java and Scala/Java projects
  • Cross building Scala projects
  • Using plugins (and a brief introduction into writing one)
  • Migrating from Maven
  • Integrate with Jenkins
  • Best practices and keeping things simple
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