Introduction to Scala.js

2 days

This well-balanced Primer course offers students the knowledge necessary to set up a web site using Scala.js.

Your team stands only to gain by making this crucial investment to push your operations to the next level. Book your Scala Technology course with EDC4IT and your department will benefit from a dedicated instructor who will lead the course and guide your team through all the finer points of this sophisticated technology.

As with many of our other courses, you can choose to have your team take advantage of its many benefits as an online course. Or, you can choose to have the course and one of our highly experienced instructors come directly to your offices for an in-depth learning experience.

It is expected that participants will be familiar with html/css and preferably have a basic understanding of the scala language.

Please find the course objectives below:

During this course you will learn the fundamentals of Scala.js: how to setup a project, how to write Scala.js code, how to interact with JavaScript libraries and vice versa.

Here's what the course offer in a little more detail:

  • Introduction to Scala.js
  • Multi-Project setup using SBT (client, server and shared code)
  • Sharing code between client and server (isomorphism)
  • Specifics of Scala.js versus Scala on the JVM
  • Scala/JavaScript type interoperability
  • Calling JavaScript using static types (primitives, functions, objects etc)
  • Define traits as interfaces to JavaScript APIs
  • Calling JavaScript dynamically
  • Exposing Scala.js APIs to JavaScript
  • Testing your Scala.js code

If there are any specific topics you want to concentrate on feel free to let us know and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.


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