The Dojo Toolkit

2 days

This Dojo Course explains everything you need to know to start working with Dojo and Dijit to build rich Web application

Students should understand HTML, CSS and have a basic knowledge of JavaScript. Knowledge of Java is not assumed but helpful

Please find the course objectives below:

This course includes

  • Dojo architecture
  • Use Dojo to update the DOM
  • Use Dojo and Ajax
  • Use Dojo's data API
  • Build UIs using webservices, restfull services, json and other data formats
  • Understand Dojo's event model
  • Understand Dojo's drag and drop
  • Use the various form widgets (buttons, inputs, calendars etc)
  • Form validation
  • Container widgets
  • Other Dijits

Note: This course leans more towards Java as the server-side platform than other platforms

For an onsite course please contact us