The Dojo Toolkit

Part of our "Web and Mobile" courses

2 days

Course Overview

This Dojo Course explains everything you need to know to start working with Dojo and Dijit to build rich Web application

Course Prerequisites

Students should understand HTML, CSS and have a basic knowledge of JavaScript. Knowledge of Java is not assumed but helpful


This course includes

  • Dojo architecture
  • Use Dojo to update the DOM
  • Use Dojo and Ajax
  • Use Dojo's data API
  • Build UIs using webservices, restfull services, json and other data formats
  • Understand Dojo's event model
  • Understand Dojo's drag and drop
  • Use the various form widgets (buttons, inputs, calendars etc)
  • Form validation
  • Container widgets
  • Other Dijits

Note: This course leans more towards Java as the server-side platform than other platforms

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