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2 days

Course Overview

Course Prerequisites

Basic Knowledge of Javascript & NodeJS is recommended


Grunt Overview

  • Compiling Web Apps
  • Build Tools & Task Runners
  • Efficiency, Consistency, and Community
  • Sample Workflows
  • Built on node.js
  • Gruntfile

Installing Grunt

  • Installing node.js
  • Using npm
  • Installing grunt-cli
  • package.json and Gruntfile
  • Installing grunt
  • Installing Plugins


  • Sections of a Gruntfile
  • grunt. initConfig
  • Configurations and Targets
  • Running Tasks
  • Task Aliases
  • Task Arguments & Options
  • Running Tasks Asynchronously
  • Logging Errors
  • Task Dependencies
  • Loading Tasks via Plugins
  • File Operations
  • File Formats & Patterns
  • Using Templates & Creating Custom Templates
  • Importing JSON Data

Configuring Builds with Commonly Used Frameworks

  • Package Manager Tasks - npm and Bower
  • CSS Preprocessing Tasks - LESS and Sass
  • CSS Prefixing Tasks - Autoprefixer
  • Minification Tasks - CleanCSS and UnCSS
  • JavaScript Tasks
  • Uglify Tasks
  • JSLint and JSHint Tasks
  • CoffeeScript and TypeScript Tasks
  • Unit Testing Tasks
  • JSUnit, QUnit, Jasmine, Karma and Mocha Tasks
  • Versioning and Deployment Tasks;

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