Core HTML5 and CSS3 to build Responsive Modern Web Applications

2 days

Students don't need prior experience with older versions of HTML4 or CSS, it is however helpful to have some experience with these languages.

Please find the course objectives below:

After this course you will be fully equipped to:

  • create modern HTML5/CSS websites (for mobile, tablets, desktop and televisions)
  • Make Responsive web sites
  • Make use of popular tools and frameworks
  • Strcuture web pages using the Flex Model and CSS Grid
  • Use advanced CSS3 techniques (media queries, animations)
  • Use advanced techniques such as drag and drop, Geolocation, canvas and offline storage

HTML and General

  • Fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Structure HTML documents (using semantic elements)
  • HTML5 tables and lists
  • HTML5 forms
  • Use video and audio
  • Use Emmet and other tools
  • Apply best practices (such as mobile-first)
  • Apply Responsive Web Design
  • Tools for testing your site (cross browser/device/platform)
  • Performance tips and measurement (mostly network and resource loading)


  • CSS syntax and CSS3 Selectors
  • Understand CSS units (em, px, rem, etc)
  • Understand special CSS values (inherit, initial and unset)
  • Apply fonts, and text styles
  • Understand CSS colours (RGB, HSL)
  • CSS Positioning (static, relative, absolute, fixed and sticky)
  • Understand the CSS Box Model (margins, padding, border)
  • Understand CSS display values
  • Use the Flexbox model
  • Understand and use the CSS Grid
  • Define and use CSS animations
  • Understand and use media queries
  • Develop Responsive Web Pages
  • Discussions: SCSS, SASS

This energetic 2-day course is an excellent way to cover HTML5 and CSS3.

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