Introduction to TypeScript

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1 day

Course Overview

Course Prerequisites

This course is geared towards developers needing to get up to speed with TypeScript quickly. Developers should be experienced with JavaScript. We recommend students following the Introduction to Modern JavaScript and Advanced JavaScript for Front-end Developers coures prior to this course.



  • Introduce TypeScript
  • Setting up a typescript project
  • Configuring the compiler
  • Use and configure TsLint


  • Understand modules and namespaces
  • Learn various import and export techniques

Types annotations

  • Understand the type system
  • Dealing with null and undefined (using strictNullChecks)
  • Write enums
  • Work with arrays
  • Use tuples
  • Advanced types such as unions and intersections


  • Working with functions
  • function parameters: optional, default values
  • Define rest parameters (aka varying arguments)
  • Appreciate overloading
  • Use type queries and guards


  • Define interfaces
  • Duck typing with interfaces
  • Define properties
  • Define optional properties
  • Declare readonly properties
  • indexable types
  • Define function and constructor types


  • Write classes
  • Adding properties
  • Adding methods
  • Understand scopes
  • Use inheritance
  • overriding methods
  • abstract classes/methods
  • Write accessors
  • Use static members


  • Work with Generics (classes, interfaces, methods, etc)
  • Introduction to writing and using Decorators

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